Like many people in their mid-to-late 20s, we were spending a lot of time attending and participating in the weddings of friends and family. And while we, as a couple, weren’t ready to take that step quite yet, we started talking about and planning what that day would look like for us. 

But to our disappointment we just couldn’t find what we wanted when it came to event rentals. We wanted our event to feel like us, to reflect our style and personality as a couple, which meant simple, beautiful and modern furniture designs that could shine on their own. The answer to our dilemma: start our own event rental company.

As we’ve curated this collection, we have purposefully chosen and built designs with clean lines, a balanced mix of natural and industrial materials, and a neutral, simple color palette. We love the versatility of our pieces and how easy it is to make them your own--whether you like to keep it simple and unadorned or want to kick it up a notch by adding bold, bright details, our collection provides a wonderful foundation when designing and styling events.

We know it isn't the individual items--the chairs, the tables, the flatware, the glassware--that make those big celebrations unforgettable, but rather it's how each person experiences that moment and how they remember feeling on that day. Just as we all furnish and decorate a home based on how we want to feel when we’re in that place, we believe the overall styling of an event has a drastic effect on how people experience and remember it.

Whether it is a wedding reception, a dinner party, or some other type of celebration, each of our clients wants to evoke a particular feeling and experience to share with their guests. Helping our clients to achieve that feeling and that memory, whatever the event may be, is what we look forward to every day and why we started this business.

We hope that you choose hooray! rentals to be even a small part of your special celebration. 

Sophie + Travis

P.S. Now we're a bit closer to a wedding of our own. Just before we launched our little business we got engaged. One of hooray! rentals' first events will be our own wedding. We can't wait to share this experience--planning our wedding and running this business--with all of you.